In today’s film news roundup, development has launched on “Denali: A Man A Dog, A Friendship Of A Lifetime” and the story of six teenagers who survived for a year on deserted island and a 1961 Peter Sellers comedy is getting re-released.


Spyglass Media Group has signed Charlie Hunnam to produce and star in a movie version of the Ben Moon memoir “Denali: A Man A Dog, A Friendship Of A Lifetime” with Max Winkler adapting and directing.

Hunnam will produce Bona Fide Productions’ Albert Berger and Ron Yerxa. It’s a re-teaming for Hunnan and Winkler following their collaboration of the boxing drama “Jungleland,” which also stars Jack O’Connell and Jessica Barden.

Moon rescued Denali as a mixed-breed puppy in a shelter and set out on the road on an adventure that would take them across the American West until he was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 29, with the dog never leaving his side. After Moon recovered, Denali was stricken with cancer. Moon made an eight minute film called “Denali” in 2015 and Penguin Random House published the memoir earlier this year.

Hunnam next stars in Apple’s upcoming series “Shantaram” and his credits include “Sons of Anarchy,” “The Gentlemen,” and “King Arthur.” Berger and Yerxa teamed on “Little Miss Sunshine” and were nominated for Best Picture for “Nebraska.” The news was first reported by Deadline.


New Regency has bought the feature film rights to story of six boys who survived for more than a year on a deserted Pacific island.

The production company made the deal after a story was published by the Guardian on May 9 in a preview of  Rutger Bregman’s book “Humankind.” The British company The Agency handled the sale.

In 1965, the six teenagers left their boarding school on the Pacific island of Tonga, stole a fishing boat and set off for Fiji. A storm destroyed their vessel and they washed up on a remote island. The boys managed to survive for 15 months by eating fish, coconuts, and birds before being rescued by an Australian sailor. The six have remained friends.

New Regency’s producing credits include “Little Women,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “The Revenant” and Best Picture winners “12 Years a Slave” and “Birdman.” The news was first reported by Deadline.


Film Movement has set a June 5 release of Peter Sellers comedy “Mr. Topaze” through its virtual cinema initiative, partnering with over 300 theaters across North America.

The film, which was recently restored by the British Film Institute from a lone 35 millimeter print, was Sellers’ only directorial effort. He portrayed a French teacher who is fired after refusing to alter the bad grades of a baroness’ grandson.

Film Movement’s virtual slate includes “A Good Woman Is Hard to Find,” “Sword of God,” “The Wild Goose Lake,” “Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands,” “Zombi Child” and “Caro Diario.”