Carl Reiner’s wit is well-documented through his work behind and in front of the camera, but in his final years he took to Twitter frequently to muse on art, life and to skewer Donald Trump.

Reiner, who died June 29 at the age of 98, joined the platform in July 2012 and reached a new generation of fans through his witticisms, amassing 6,520 messages and over 367,000 followers. Adorably, he revealed that he first started his account to keep up with his grandson:

But he was self-deprecating enough to realize that he was quickly getting hooked on the social media platform:

Reiner’s feed was a peek into his unfiltered mind, and he was enviably quick-witted in his ’90s. He had fun with nostalgia:


And his own legacy:

But there were two topics on which he loved to opine: movies and Trump. The former allowed him to showcase his eclectic favorites in pop culture, as well as occasionally skewer films he didn’t enjoy:

In recent years, taking Trump down a peg became Reiner’s passion project. His insults and putdowns were creative and incisive:

The day prior to his death, Reiner’s final tweets were, fittingly, a tribute to one his favorite entertainers. “Noel Coward was the single most prolific writer of musical comedies, plays, songs and films. He also found time to critique performances with barbs such as, ‘They were like two paper bags belaboring each other,'” he wrote, before sharing his final message:

It’s comforting to think that Reiner, himself a legendary performer, faced the end of his life thinking about the art that brought him joy.