Kelsey Grammer, Jason Flemyng, and Sebastien Foucan will star in the crime film “Edge of Justice,” with worldwide rights on sale through Archstone Entertainment at the upcoming Cannes Virtual Market.

“Edge of Justice,” directed by Jake L. Reid, follows an African refugee, portrayed by Foucan, who arrives in London to search for his missing sister. Uncovering a dark trade in immigrant sex slaves, he takes action to break it up, becoming an unexpected media star, but also a target of the criminal syndicate behind it all. Grammer plays the trafficker at the helm of the syndicate, and Flemyng will appear as the refugee’s mysterious and possibly benevolent ally.

The deal was put together by Slated, the film packaging and financing platform on behalf of the filmmaker, and Jack Sheehan on behalf of Archstone, who will start pre-selling to global buyers in their presentation on the first day of the agency-led virtual Cannes market next week.