Gaumont is reteaming with actor-turned-director Franck Dubosc on another comedy: “Rumba Therapy” follows his hit 2018 pic “Rolling to You,” which was one of the highest-grossing films in France and abroad.

“Rumba Therapy” stars Dubosc as a man in his 50s who lives alone after having abandoned his wife and baby decades earlier. He sets off to reconnect with his daughter (Louna Espinosa), who has become a dance teacher. He signs up for her classes, even if he hates dancing.

Like “Rolling to You,” “Rumba Therapy” is a crowd-pleaser weaving comedy and emotion, and centering on a flawed protagonist who draws empathy from the audience.

“Rumba Therapy” is one of the few movies that Gaumont is producing in-house. “Rolling to You,” which was also produced in-house by Gaumont, was a major hit in France where it sold 2.5 million tickets, as well as abroad where it grossed $25 million.

“Rumba Therapy” will start shooting in May and will be released in France by Gaumont during the first half of 2021.

Gaumont is also attending Berlin’s European Film Market with the promo of Xavier Giannoli’s “Lost Illusions.”