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  • ‘Euphoria’ Special

    The episode, starring and co-written by Hunter Schafer, retells Season 1 and cuts away from its star's best moments.

  • ‘Walker’

    Jared Padalecki anchors a show with confused politics and a family story that resolves too simply.

  • ‘WandaVision’

    Marvel's "Wandavision," starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, strands Wanda and Vision in an eerie sitcom world.

  • ‘Call Your Mother’

    Kyra Sedgwick tries her best in ABC's new sitcom from Kari Lizer, but can't break free from shticky writing and contrivance.

  • ‘The Little Things’

    John Lee Hancock's film cribs a lot from "Se7en" and "Manhunter," which may be why it feels like a rerun.

  • ‘Palmer’

    Still feeling its way in the original feature field, Apple delivers a starry redemption story that feels too calculated to be believed.

  • Critics Pick

    ‘Malcolm & Marie’

    When "Euphoria" hit pause amid the pandemic, Sam Levinson and Zendaya pivoted to this intimate two-hander about a showbiz couple.

  • ‘Brothers by Blood’

    Joel Kinnaman and Matthias Schoenaerts give Method-esque performances in this neo-noir tale of cousins forced to pick sides.






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