An array of high-profile documentarians have come on board “The Conspiracy,” exploring the history of anti-Semitism and archaic conspiracies against the Jewish people, Variety has learned exclusively.

“The Conspiracy” will explore various myths and inaccuracies that have plagued Jewish people and the Jewish religion through the centuries, and which have given rise to a unique prejudice that persists to this day. This documentary seeks to showcase the manner in which one of the most pervasive deceptions about Judaism of all time — that a dangerous group of powerful Jewish people equipped with mysterious powers control the world — can be traced through cataclysmic and violent events toward Jewish people throughout history and into the present. This film includes a mixture of animation and archival footage as it shows the evolution of these lies via the stories of different Jewish families throughout history.

The film is in production and is directed by Sundance award-winning filmmaker Maxim Pozdorovkin, whose credits include “Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer,” “Our New President,” and “The Truth About Killer Robots.” The project is based on Phyllis Goldstein’s 2011 book “A Convenient Hatred: The History of Antisemitism.”

“In times of anxiety and disorientation, anti-Semitism reappears with lethal force. Living through such a time now, it feels of utmost importance to make a film that grapples with the historical forces that have perpetrated the lie that Jews are somehow dangerous,” said Pozdorovkin, “Using collage and animation, our film follows the lives of three Jewish families and uncovers a conspiracy stretching back centuries.”

The film is executive produced by Caroline Hirsch (“Stand Up for Heroes”) and Emmy award-winning producer Allison Maher Stern (“Kurt Vonnegut’s Displaced Person”) of Hirsch Stern Productions, with Story Syndicate producers Liz Garbus (“All In: The Fight For Democracy”), Dan Cogan (“Icarus”) and Jon Bardin (“Why We Hate”)

“There is no better time than this exact moment in our shared human history to expose to the world the many historical lies, myths and incidents that have festered and evolved into the explosive Antisemitism we see today,” said Hirsch and Stern. “Now is the time to put a spotlight on where and how it all began and bring greater awareness through this powerful and unique film.”

Cogan said, “As conspiracy theories take on new force in the U.S. and around the world, it is the ideal time to revisit the mother of them all: Antisemitism. With the support of Allison and Caroline, and the extraordinarily creative vision of Max Pozdorovkin, we are making a film unlike any ever made on this subject. It will be a landmark in storytelling about the Jews.”