Six-time Academy Award-nominated star Amy Adams is returning to one of her most beloved roles, Princess Giselle. Adams will reprise her role from the live-action film “Enchanted” for a new Disney Plus original feature.

Announced at the Disney Investor Day by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures’ President of Production Sean Bailey, the presentation was short on details, but there was one clue. The sequel is titled “Disenchanted,” a play on the original title. What that means is anyone’s guess, but perhaps things haven’t been all singing birds in the real world for Giselle.

The story follows an animated princess as she stumbles through a portal and winds up in the very real (and live-action) New York City. From there she uses her wit and charm to turn the big city into a storybook, with cockroaches and rats cleaning her apartment dishes. It’s been considered a delightful blend of fairytale themes mixed with the reality of big-city living.

There’s been no word on if other actors from the first movie — like Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden or Idina Menzel — will return for the sequel.

“Disenchanted” will exclusively stream on Disney Plus.