Alamo Drafthouse, the cinema chain that popularized in-theater dining, is partnering with speciality film festival Fantastic Fest to bring greater attention to independent genre movies.

Under the new pact, Fantastic Fest will offer Alamo Drafthouse ticket buyers “bonus content” when they watch movies from the film festival. That includes bringing in the talent behind the movies, live-streaming Q&As and hosting afterparties at the theater. The goal, to combat the comfort and appeal of staying home to stream Netflix or Disney Plus, is to make going to the movies feel more like an event.

“Our reason for existence, and this is true for both the Alamo and Fantastic Fest, is to support emerging filmmakers and the incredible films they create,” Alamo Drafthouse founder and CEO Tim League said. “We see so many wonderful films debut at the festival each year; it is immensely rewarding to continue that relationship all the way through their commercial launch.”

The collaboration will kick off with “Come to Daddy,” the directorial debut from Ant Timpson (“Turbo Kid,” ABC’s “Of Death”) that premiered at last year’s festival. The dark comedy starring Elijah Wood will debut Feb. 3 in 16 Alamo Drafthouse venues before it opens nationwide that Friday. After the Drafthouse screenings, Los Angeles patrons will be treated to an in-person panel with Timspon and Wood that will be live-streamed to audiences in other locations.

“It’s exciting working with the Alamo Drafthouse team again,” Timpson said. “I’ve worked with Tim League on multiple projects for decades now and had numerous films play at Fantastic Fest. Their dedication and creativity are always impressive, and a reminder of the glory days of cinema exhibition.”

Other Fantastic Fest titles that have played at Alamo Drafthouse include Rian Johnson’s hit “Knives Out,” “The Wave,” “Color Out of Space” and “VHYes.” Upcoming releases from Fantastic Fest are “Vivarium,” “Extra Ordinary” and “Butt Boy.”