Media Luna New Films has acquired worldwide rights to Rodrigo Fiallega’s gritty Mexican drama “Ricochet,” whose star Martijn Kuiper won best actor Sunday at the Morelia Film Festival. Media Luna will present the film to buyers at the American Film Market, which starts Monday.

In “Ricochet,” quiet loner Martijn leads a hermit’s life on the outskirts of the city after his son was murdered at the local festival. Estranged from his wife and diagnosed with a terminal disease, he seems to live in a past that’s irretrievably gone – until the day he finds out that his son’s murderer will be released from jail, setting him on the trail of revenge that is beyond redemption.

“What starts out as a touching story about loss and loneliness evolves into something so much darker – a powerful contemplation of anger and rage – and, finally, into a tragic reminder of the senseless futility of violence,” Media Luna’s Ida Martins said. She added the plot was “all the more shocking” because of the film’s “stunning cinematography.”

Fiallega said that, using the power of cinema, the film depicted a “very particular part” of Mexico in order to “talk about what makes us human.”

“Ricochet,” which also screened last month at the Rome Film Festival, was produced by Fiallega and Gabriela Maldonado of Tangram Films.