A3 Artists Agency has hired industry veterans Andy Patman and Adam Kanter as partners in an effort to build its literary division and grow the company.

Patman has been hired as co-head of television content and Kanter has become co-head of motion pictures.

Patman spent more than 20 years at Paradigm, where he sold “Desperate Housewives” to ABC and represented William Broyles, Marc Cherry, David Henry Hwang, Robert and Michelle King, and Kenny Ortega.

Kanter spent 24 years at CAA before joining Paradigm in 2014 in the motion picture literary department. He was let go in March as part of layoffs that hit more than 100 Paradigm employees amid fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. Kanter had been involved with “The Bourne Identity” franchise, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” “Rescue Me” and “Suits” and has represented Malcolm D. Lee, Pete Segal, Joe Johnston, Walt Becker, Carl Franklin, and Amy Heckerling.

The agency re-branded itself in March as A3 Artists, changing its name from Abrams Artists Agency.

“As I said when we became one of the first mid-tier agencies to sign the WGA code of conduct, A3 is committed to the writers,” said chairman Adam Bold. “We wanted to make sure that when we built our new literary division, it would be very effective for our clients. There was no point in just having literary agents, rather, we had to have a highly capable, highly ethical team that would integrate with our team approach.”

A3 also announced it had hired two other Paradigm employees, Katt Riley and Martin To, as literary agents. Riley spent the last year as a TV literary agent at Paradigm. To represents TV writers and Amuse USA, a Japanese production company that curates and develops Japanese IP for the American market.