Wes Anderson, the acclaimed filmmaker behind two of the generation’s best-loved stop-motion features: the Oscar-nominated feature “Ilse of Dogs” and 2010’s Annecy Cristal for a feature film-winner “Fantastic Mr. Fox,” will be in France this June to celebrate the Annecy International Animation Film Festival’s 60th anniversary.

It’s Anderson’s first visit to Annecy. He was not in attendance in 2010 when “Fantastic Mr Fox” won best feature.

Anderson will be at the festival to share his relationship with the animation industry. Joining him at the festival are frequent collaborators and co-writers of his upcoming “The French Dispatch,” actor-writer Jason Schwartzman and Roman Coppola.

“Wes Anderson has had an exceptional influence on the revival of stop-motion animation over the past decade. His elaborate dramaturgical vision, his sophisticated and all-encompassing conception of direction has been imitated and has inspired many young filmmakers. His visit to Annecy is the pinnacle of a long love story and admiration for his work. This is a true gift for us to offer our festival goers as part of the festival’s 60th anniversary!” said the festival’s artistic director Marcel Jean in a statement.

2010 proved a year that offered hope for life beyond a big studio CGI animation agenda. “Fantastic Mr Fox” won the top prize for a feature at Annecy, and was nominated for the Oscar, Annie, Golden Globe and BAFTA in the same category, just to name a few, as was Henry Selick’s “Coraline,” which has a similarly-large trophy shelf including a BAFTA win for best children’s feature and three Annie Awards.

This year’s festival takes place June 15-20 and is currently accepting applications for accreditation.