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Orange Studio is set to co-produce and represent in international markets a trio of ambitious French movies, “L’astronaute,” “Madame de Sevigné” and “Chien blanc.” All three films will start shooting during the first quarter of 2021 and will be co-distributed by Orange Studio in theaters.

“Chien blanc,” to be directed by Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette, will be headlined by Denis Ménochet and Canadian actress Kacey Rohl (“The Killing”). Produced by Nicole Robert at GO Films, “Chien blanc” is an adaptation of Romain Gary’s novel. Barbeau-Lavalette bought the adaptation rights from Alexandre Diego Gary, the only child of Gary and Jean Seberg.

The film, mainly inspired by Gary’s own life, unfolds in the U.S. in the aftermath of Martin Luther King’s assassination. Gary and his wife, Seberg, welcome in their home an abandoned dog who appears to have been trained to attack Black people. Gary nevertheless refuses to have the dog euthanized, causing tensions and a rift between himself and Seberg, an outspoken activist for the Civil Rights movement and the Black Panthers. “Chien blanc” will be distributed by Orange Studio.

“Madame de Sevigné,” set to be directed by Isabelle Brocard, is a 17th century-set drama set at the court of French King Louis XIV. It will be headlined by a prestige French cast including Karin Viard, Ana Girardot and Cédric Kahn.

Michael Gentile (“On the Verge,” “Lolo”), who is producing “Madame de Sevigné” at The Film, said the movie will depict “how the toxic love of a mother for her daughter gave birth to some of the most famous letters of French literature.” “This theme of maternal love seems universal and timeless,” added Gentile. “Madame de Sevigné” will be distributed in France by Orange Studio and Ad Vitam.

“L’astronaute,” directed by Nicolas Giraud, will star Giraud and Mathieu Kassovitz (“The Bureau”). The film is produced by Christophe Rossignon and Philip Boëffard at Nord-Ouest Films. It will be distributed by Orange Studio and Diaphana Distribution. The film follows the journey of Jim, a passionate engineer who has always dreamed of becoming an astronaut, and devotes all his spare time to building a rocket, sacrificing his social and love life and putting himself in danger.

“This tale of transcendence, pursuit of dreams and collective strength is in line with the type of films we aim to produce at Nord-Ouest: films that are meaningful and have a universal humanity,” said Rossignon.

Kristina Zimmermann, the managing director of Orange Studio, said the company was pleased to be partnering up with “three renowned production companies, Nord-Ouest Films, The Film and GO Films, for these ambitious projects, which have a real potential on the international market.”

“These titles also illustrate the diversity of our lineup and investment strategy. More than ever, in a context of turmoil for the whole of the industry, our aim is to work hand in hand with creators and producers every step of the way,” said Zimmermann.