Nick Jonas, Laurence Fishburne Thriller ‘The Blacksmith’ Sold Worldwide by AGC Studios

Laurence Fishburne and Nick Jonas
Matt Baron/Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP/Shutterstock

Starring actor-singer-songwriter Nick Jonas and Laurence Fishburne, action thriller “The Blacksmith,” which is financed and produced by AGC Studios, has become the first major new U.S. title at this year’s Cannes to announce major territory deals across much of the world.

Sold by AGC Studios, big territory deals include Germany and Switzerland (Constantin Film), France (Metropolitan), the U.K (Entertainment Film), Latin America (CDC & CVT), Russia  (Paradise/MGN), and South Korea & Vietnam (Joy’N’Content).

Further deals include Benelux (“The Searchers), Greece (Odeon), Middle East (Salim Raima), Eastern Europe (Prorom), Indonesia (PT Prima), Taiwan (MovieCloud), Thailand (Sahamongkolfilm), Philippines (Pioneer), Israel (United King), Turkey (BG Films), and India (Empire Networks).

“AGC Studios is already considering the virtual Cannes format a great success,” the company commented Thursday.

“The week and its build up have been characterized by very focused buyers, huge numbers of eyeballs on our virtual presentation with PM, slick communication and aggressive dealmaking,” the statement added.

A number of other territorial deals are in progress and likely to close before the weekend, AGC Studios said. “The Blacksmith” is set to go into production in September, Ford said at Monday’s presentation.

AGC Studios following up Monday’s presentation between Stuart Ford and Pierre Morel by releasing to buyers on Wednesday a video mash up showcasing the talent of lead actor Nick Jonas and some best-of-Laurence Fishburne footage that helped invigorate sales activity as the market reached its midpoint.

“Taken’s” Morel is directing “The Blacksmith” from a screenplay adaptation by Ben Ripley (“Source Code,” “Flatliners”) of the acclaimed 2011 graphic novel from Kickstart Comics by Malik Evans and Richard Sparkman.

Jonas plays Wes Loomis, a go-to weapons expert for the intelligence community who goes on the run after his lab is destroyed and colleagues murdered. Resorting to his unique set of skills to keep him alive, a brilliant, young CIA analyst Noelle Hazlitt, he seeks out his mentor, Mather (Fishburne), a retired blacksmith, to guide him and Noelle on what the film’s synopsis describes as “a journey that keeps this improbable pair one step ahead of their pursuers in a breathless, action-filled thriller that is just the beginning of the globe-trotting adventures of ‘The Blacksmith.’”

At Monday’s presentation, Morel called Jonas’ character a “very modern and updated” MacGyver.

“I’m a James Bond fan and my big question as a kid was, what would it be like if Q had to do the mission himself?” Morel added.