Media Luna New Films has acquired world sales rights to Spanish dramedy “The Grand Farewell,” by Antonio Hens and Antonio Álamo.

Described as a quirky ensemble love story, “The Grand Farewell” follows a young woman, Sara, who wants to get married and has one final celebration thrown by her friends and relatives. Over the course of a day, Sara and her friends discover shocking secrets, inconvenient truths and deeply hidden emotions that will soon turn the elegant party into a whirlwind of chaos.

“Besides being both entertaining and critically observant of what happens within our society at the moment, Antonio Hens and Antonio Álamo give depth to their story and characters by employing a colorful dramedy approach that references back to the likes of Almodovar and the wonders of contemporary Spanish cinema,” said Media Luna CEO Ida Martins.

“The theme of the film is, of course, love, but we always take the feminine point of view and always focus on the climax — the breakup, that moment when everything is at a point of breaking and blowing up,” said Hens, who co-directed and produced the film.

He added, “It’s the story of three loves. It is also the story of two disasters, although perhaps there may be more. And finally, it is the story of an act of courage — that of saying goodbye and leaving things behind.”

Media Luna is premiering “My Grand Farewell” at the Cannes virtual market.

The film was produced by Ezekiel Montes of 73140323 Producciones Cinematográficas and Hens’ Malas Compañías, who negotiated the deal with Martins.