Madrid-based Latido Films has picked up international sales rights to omnibus feature “Relatos Con-fin-a-dos” (“Tales of the Lockdown”), produced by Spanish film and TV house Morena Films.

Scheduled for a July 3 release in Spain via Amazon Prime Video, “Tales” is making its world market premiere at Cannes Marché du Film Online.

Filmed during the COVID-19 lockdown in Spain, the five self-contained stories range from a romantic comedy to a drama and a thriller, as well as terror and dark humor.

Produced by Morena’s Álvaro Longoria and Anna Saura, and Cecilia Gessa at Gessas Producciones, the “Tales” episode are directed by Fernando Colomo (“Isla Bonita,” “Tigres de papel,” “Alegre ma non troppo”), Álvaro Fernández-Armero (“Spanish Shame”), David Marqués (“Dioses y Perros”), Miguel Bardem (“Mortadelo and Filemon: Mission — Save the Planet”) and Juan Diego Botto (“En los márgenes”).

The stories topline five pair of actors: Luis Tosar (“Miami Vice”) and Maria Luisa Mayol (“Eye For an Eye”), Alvaro Rico (“Élite”) and Carlos Bardem (“Assassin’s Creed”), Manuela Velasco (“REC”) and Rafa Castejón (“Frozen Silence”), Alberto Ammann (“Narcos”) and Clara Méndez Leite (“Invader”) and Sara Sálamo (“Everybody Knows”) and Real Madrid soccer player Isco Alarcón.

“These are five stories recorded in optimal technical conditions. Each one works separately but together they give you a highly interesting perspective on a whole generation,” said Latido Films CEO Antonio Saura.

“Quarantine productions have a way of shooting that respects confinement. Thanks to technology and cell phones, it’s possible to shoot without leaving home,” said Longoria. “Then you can also try to portray confinement in the script. That we haven’t done. The stories don’t deal explicitly with confinement but happen in confinement.”