Spain’s Latido Films has acquired international sales rights to “Las Mejores Familias,” the third feature from Peruvian filmmaker Javier Fuentes-León (“Undertow”). Pic is backed by Colombia’s biggest production house, Dynamo.

Dynamo handled physical production and contributed creative talent for Netflix hit “Narcos.”

In “Familias,” a long-hidden secret flips generational hierarchies upside down at a huge birthday celebration.

It’s a critique of the deep-rooted prejudices, extreme social fragmentation and class inequality in modern-day Peru, notes Fuentes-León, who says: “We wanted to make a film that would be a mirror in which to reflect what separates us, but also what unifies us. And what better tool than humor to invite us to face our social faults.”

Delia García at Perú’s El Calvo Films, which produced Sundance and San Sebastian winner “Undertow,” and Michel Ruben at Dynamo produce.

“Javier is a director we’ve long admired and wanted to work with. ‘Las Mejores Familias’ also gave us the opportunity to collaborate with a producer of proven quality in Dynamo,” said Latido head of acquisitions Oscar Alonso, adding: “The result is a film with an empathy between its characters and the audience, surprises that don’t let go for a second, and an almost Buñuelian sense of humor in respect to class, which dissects the times we live in. It was clear that we could not pass up this opportunity.”