The Czech Republic’s Karlovy Vary Intl. Film Festival, the leading movie event in Central and Eastern Europe, is to hold a special four-day event in the fall, despite its decision to postpone its 55th edition until next year.

The special event, running under the banner “Karlovy Vary IFF 54½,” will unspool Nov. 18-21 in Karlovy Vary, and will seek to evoke the festive atmosphere of the summer event. The noncompetitive festival will present 30 movies, each to be screened twice. Other events will be staged to run alongside the screenings.

The festival, as previously announced, is also staging “KVIFF at Your Cinema,” a program of screenings around the Czech Republic. It features 16 films selected by the festival programming team, which will screen at 96 Czech movie theaters from July 3-11.

Each of the films will receive one presentation that will simultaneously take place at all participating cinemas. The screenings will have streamed introductions, live broadcast Q&As, and in-person delegations of the festival team at more than 40 locations.

“KVIFF at Your Cinema was our immediate response to the situation, one that allowed us to offer our viewers interesting movies that we’d chosen for the festival,” KVIFF president Jiří Bartoška said.

“But we still feel that the key to the Karlovy Vary fest is its atmosphere, where encounters readily happen and where together we can enjoy a shared movie experience: feelings of joy, fear, and being deeply touched. We believe that the time is soon coming when we can be together again.”