German and European animation features remain plentiful on the slates of German sales agents at this year’s AFM, with adaptations, original works and new installments of popular franchises set to attract buyers.

Arri Media Intl. is presenting a 10-minute preview of “The Ogglies,” an adaptation of the hit German children’s book series about a group of creatures with unusual eating habits looking for a new home. The pic is set to hit German theaters in March.

“Maya the Bee 3 — The Golden Orb,” which continues the adventures of the famous and headstrong little bee, and “Mia and Me — The Hero of Centopia,” based on the popular ZDF animated fantasy series about the young girl Mia and the inhabitants of a magical land, are among the highlights on offer from Studio 100 Film.

The popular Maya has also become an ambassador for bees and insects in Germany, where Studio 100 has joined forces with nature conservation org NABU to promote the protection of bugs through the Maya the Bee — Project Poppy Meadow initiative, which educates kids about the importance bees and other insects play in the pollination of plants.

Sola Media is showcasing a copious offering of toon titles that includes “Moon Bound,” about a boy who sets out on a magical journey to the moon in order to rescue his younger sister; “The Elfkins — Baking a Difference,” which follows three young magical Elfkins who leave their underground home to explore the surface world and end up helping a pastry chef in need.

Other new Sola Media pics include “Two Buddies and a Badger — The Great Big Beast,” a follow-up to 2015’s “Two Buddies and a Badger,” and “The Scary House.”

In the works is Global Screen’s “The Amazing Maurice,” based on one of one of Terry Pratchett’s “Discworld” novels about a streetwise tomcat and his money-making scam. Global Screen also offers “The Journey of the Elephant Soliman,” which follows the adventures of a spice-merchant’s son, a wise Indian elephant and a spunky Austrian princess in 16th century India.