European Producers Club Publishes Eight ‘Rules’ for Safe Production in Coronavirus Era

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The European Producers Club, one of the continent’s most-prestigious industry associations, has published a set of eight simple but mandatory rules for post-lockdown shooting that it says will protect cast and crew from coronavirus but not overburden the production process.

With extensive and complex sets of health and safety measures being published in multiple countries, the EPC – which represents 130 independent producers from 28 European countries and Canada – has sought to cut through with its own straightforward set of measures.

The EPC says the rules’ main aim is to protect casts and crews from the disease while getting in the way of the production process as little as possible.

Publishing the rules today, the EPC said: “We believe that it is our responsibility, as producers and employers, to bring forward health and safety recommendations to address the complexities of filming on sets in the current crisis.”

The organization noted that every shoot is different so would have to incorporate its own tailor made measures as well.

The EPC’s “Basic Recommendations” are as follows:

1. Social distancing. Everyone on set needs to respect social distancing as far as possible on set, with at least two metres apart strongly recommended. Specific protocols should be in place for each production.

2. Self-Assesment. Everyone on set is responsible for the self-assessment of their vulnerability to the virus and must immediately report to the Designated Person any symptoms of or exposure to COVID-19 which could compromise the shoot.

3. Temperature Testing. Temperature Testing needs to be in place at every entry point to the set and anyone who does not pass the test should not be allowed to enter.

4. Sanitiser and Disinfecting. Hand sanitisers need to be in place at every entrance to the set, location and production office. Regular hand washing is essential. All equipment, surfaces, products and materials being used on set should be disinfected/cleaned before use.

5. Masks. Specialist face masks should be worn by everyone and changed as prescribed. Only actors and extras are exempt from this and only then when in front of the camera.

6. Training. All members of the crew and cast must undertake a training session on the rules to be implemented on set during the shooting as a way to ensure their compliance.

7. Designated Person On Set Responsible. There should be a designated person on set, responsible for upholding the health and safety measures on that set.

8. Antigenic Tests. Subject to the availability of antigen tests that provide rapid results within hours with confirmed reliability, their use should be considered.

The EPC has also published more detailed information around each of these eight rules.