David Fincher, whose latest film “Mank” is set to bow on Netflix on Dec. 4, told a French magazine that he has signed an exclusive four-year-deal with Netflix.

In an interview with Premiere (translated from French), Fincher suggested that “Mank,” an immersive Hollywood drama, was part of a long-term partnership with the streaming service. He said he felt exhausted after directing two seasons of the FBI series “Mindhunter” and went to see Ted Sarandos and Cindy Holland to tell them that he would rather start a new film project rather than embark on a third season of the show.

Fincher said he told the Netflix duo, “Listen, I don’t see myself gone for two years for a third season; I’d rather dedicate one year to a more modest project, have the luxury of spending six months in pre-production to create two hours of content rather than 10….” Their answer, Fincher said, was “‘Ok, what do you have?'” and after reading the script they said, “‘When do we start?’

“I have an exclusive deal with them for another four years. Depending on how ‘Mank’ is received, I will either go see them with a low profile to ask them [whether] I can redeem myself, or show up like an arrogant prick and demand to make more black & white movies,” joked Fincher in the Premiere interview.

“Mank” marks Fincher’s first feature directing effort since 2014’s “Gone Girl.” The anticipated movie chronicles Herman Mankiewicz’s (Gary Oldman) race to finish the “Citizen Kane” screenplay for Orson Welles (Tom Burke).

Netflix unveiled a first look at “Mank” in September to coincide with the 79th anniversary of “Citizen Kane’s” wide theatrical opening.