Charades, the sales company behind the Oscar-nominated animated film “I Lost My Body,” has boarded three new French films, “Madeleine Collins” with Virginie Efira, as well as the comedies “Felicita” and “The Speech.”

Charades will be introducing the three titles at the UniFrance Rendez-Vous with French Cinema, an industry showcase of local movies kicking off on Jan. 16.

“Madeleine Collins” is a psychological drama directed by Antoine Barraud and headlined by Efira, the popular Belgian actress of Justine Triet’s “Victoria” and “Sibyl,” as well as Paul Verhoeven’s anticipated “Benedetta.”

Efira (pictured) stars in “Madeleine Collins” as Judith who leads a double life between Switzerland and France. In one country, she lives with Abdel with whom she raises a little girl, and in another country she lives with Melvil with whom she has two older boys. Judith gets slowly embroiled in a web of lies and secrets, leading her balancing act to explode dangerously.

The cast also includes Bruno Salomone, Nadav Lapid, who is also the Israeli director of “Synonyms”) and Jacqueline Bisset. Les Films du Bélier (“Diamantino”) is producing the film which will be released in France by Paname/UFO.

Charades will pitch the project to buyers at the Rendez-Vous with the script on hand, and will unveil a promo in Berlin.

Another new project on Charades’s slate is “The Speech,” directed by Laurent Tirard, the well-known French helmer of “Little Nicholas” and “Astérix and Obélix: God Save Britannia.”

Adapted from Fabcaro’s novel “Le discours,” the film tells the story of Adrien who is going through an existential crisis and is about to get dumped by his girlfriend. During a family dinner, Adrien is asked to prepare a speech for the wedding ceremony of his sister and brother in-law. As he starts imagining what he would say, Adrien’s mind gets lost in a flurry of hilarious thoughts and twisted memories about his family.

“The Speech” is produced by Les Films Sur Mesure and will be released in France by le Pacte. It stars Benjamin Lavernhe , Sara Giaudeau, Kyan Khojandi, Julia Piaton and François Morel. Charades will show a teaser of the film at the UniFrance Rendez-Vous.

“Felicita,” meanwhile,” is directed by Bruno Merle, the screenwriter of Michel Hazanavicius’s “The Lost Prince,” and is produced by Unité de Production. Told through the eyes of a little girl, the movie chronicles the chaotic life of a family right before start of classes. With her dad who’s just come out of jail and her mom who is struggling to make ends meet, the child wishes she had a different upbringing but can’t help but find her parents endearing.

The film stars Pio Marmai and Camille Rutherford. Jean-Félix Dealberto at Charades described the film as “a road trip similar to ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and ‘Captain Fantastic,’ and a comedy about family.”

Charades will be hosting the world market premiere of the film at the UniFrance Rendez-Vous in Paris. Rezo will release “Felicita” in France.