Munich-based sales agent Global Screen has sold 3D animated movie “OOOPS — The Adventure Continues,” which has its market premiere at Cannes’ online market, to multiple territories. Variety has been given exclusive access to the film’s trailer.

The film is the follow-up to “OOOPS Noah Is Gone,” which was the most successful German production in 2016 at the box office, with a worldwide gross of $28 million.

“OOOPS — The Adventure Continues” has been sold to U.K. (eOne), France (Paradis/Orange Studios), Spain (Flins y Piniculas), Portugal (Pris), Greece (Rosebud), Israel (Five Stars), Turkey (Filmarti), Russia (Voxell), Baltics (Garsu), Ukraine (UFD), Poland (Kino Swiat), former Yugoslavia (Blitz), Hungary (Vertigo), Bulgaria (Pro Films), Latin America (Leda Films), Korea (Company L), Vietnam (Lightning McQueen) and Malaysia (Suraya).

The film’s German distributor is Telepool, Global Screen’s parent company. The German release is on Sept. 24.

The film, directed by Toby Genkel and Sean McCormack, centers on Finny, a young Nestrian, and his best friend Leah, a Grymp, who accidentally fall out of Noah’s Ark and are swept out to sea. While Finny finds a whole colony of Nestrians under water, Leah lands on a beautiful island. If only the newfound land wouldn’t shake so often and smoke from the mountain top.

The next screening times are 12:00 P.M. CET, June 24 (German Films KINO 1), and 9.00 A.M. CET, June 26 (Arcades #11).