Variety has been given exclusive access to the trailer for “The Squad #Notheretodance,” which will have its world premiere at the Cannes virtual film market. Be For Films, headed by Pamela Leu, is handling international sales.

The documentary feature centers on the Olympique Lyonnais women’s soccer team, which is one of the best women’s soccer teams in the world. From training sessions to competitive matches, from moments of doubt to the joy of victories, the film takes an up-close look at the players and their daily lives.

According to a statement, the film is “an invitation to see women’s sports and the place they hold in professional sports in a new light; a universe where the values of respect and open-mindedness are indispensable mainstays in working toward equality.”

The film is directed and written by Stéphanie Gillard, and the cinematographer is Jean-Marc Bouzou. It is produced by Julie Gayet, Antoun Sehnaoui and Julien Naveau at Rouge Intl. The film will be released in France on Sept. 2 by Rouge Distribution.

Other films on Be For Films’ slate include Vero Cratzborn’s “Into Dad’s Woods,” Christophe Blanc’s “Just Kids” and Anne-Claire Dolivet’s “Little Ballerinas.”