Sales company 101 Films Intl. has picked up the distribution rights to Paddy Slattery’s debut crime thriller “Broken Law,” and will present it to buyers at the Cannes Virtual Film Market.

The film premiered in February at the Dublin Intl. Film Festival, where it received a Special Jury Prize, voted for by the Dublin Film Critics’ Circle.

“Broken Law” tells the story of Dave Connolly, a respected member of the Irish police, whose loyalty to the force gets tested by his ex-convict brother Joe following a botched robbery. Suddenly Dave finds himself embroiled in a cover-up that leads to a secret relationship with Amia, an unhappily married woman, who also happens to be the victim of his brother’s latest crime.

The film stars Tristan Heanue and Graham Earley, previously seen together in “Cardboard Gangsters,” alongside John Connors (“Love/Hate”), Gemma-Leah Devereux (“Get Up and Go,” “Judy”) and Ryan Lincoln (“Kissing Candice”).

It was produced by Simon James Doyle of Failsafe Films and Paddy Slattery of True Line Films, with support from Screen Ireland.

Eoghan Burke, VP of international sales, 101 Films International. described the film as “a must-see crime thriller packed full of energy and great performances.”

101 Films Intl.’s slate at Cannes also includes “Beshoot,” which is based on the true story of two fighters of the Donbas Volunteer Battalion trapped inside the city of Ilovaysk under siege from Russian-backed forces in Ukraine.

Horror film “Death of a Vlogger,” the feature debut from writer/director Graham Hughes, who also stars in the film, is about an ambitious vlogger who experiences the dark side of the internet when his latest video, featuring an alleged haunting, goes viral. The film appeared at London’s FrightFest.

In thriller “The Perception,” Jon Wright stars as an uninspired novelist suffering from paranoid delusions. He suspects his young and beautiful wife (Sandi Gardner) of having an affair, and seeks out friends and colleagues to assist him in overcoming his personal demons.

Two action adventure World War II films are also on offer. “Eastern Front,” which follows a dwindling group of German soldiers who battle to return to their lines on the harsh Eastern Front; and “We Go in at Dawn,” from writer/director Ben Mole, about a key figure in the British Air Force, who is shot down over France and captured by the Nazis.

“Sk8 Dawg” is a family comedy film starring J.D. Hoppe as 14-year-old Tommy Schooner who comes from a family whose lives revolve around skateboarding. When Tommy runs into Frankie, the town bully, he challenges him to a skate competition, but unfortunately Tommy is not the best skateboarder and only has five days to practice.

Family animation film “Strike” is about Mungo Morrison, a boy who lives in a gold mining town where everyone is proud to work at the mine. When Mungo comes of age, he spends his first day down the mine, but how will he tell his dad he would rather be a soccer player than a miner?

Finally, a touching comedy drama, starring K-pop superstar Amber Liu in her feature film debut, “The Eagle and the Albatross.” When an orphaned half-Korean girl finds herself in small-town America with her only living relative, she seeks out a mentor to help with the only things she loves – golf. The best player in town, a widowed optometrist, takes her under his wing, sending them on a journey to face their fear of losing loved ones and their game.