Tapping into sales agents and buyers’ increasing need for a 365-day-film marketplace, Archipel Market, a community tool, is launching in the run-up to the Cannes virtual Marché du Film and the agencies-led initiative.

Archipel Market was created by Cascade8, which specializes in software solutions for the entertainment industry, in collaboration with Logical Pictures, a financing banner, and Pulsar Content, an international sales outfit.

The innovative web platform is bowing with several key sales banners already signed up, notably Charades, XYZ Films, Versatile, WTFilms, Film Constellation and Film Republic, on top of Pulsar Content and Logical Pictures.

Archipel Market will be allowing buyers to access sales agents’ line-ups and live events such as screenings, pitch sessions, and Q&A’s in betweens festivals and markets, all year around. The service was indeed conceived to fast-track dealmaking outside of existing physical and online film markets.

Coping with impossibility to travel and the raft of markets’ cancellations due to the health crisis, many industry players have had to shake up their working habits in recent months and rely exclusively on digital ressources such as video-conferencing tools to stay connected. For many, the crisis has just been speeding up a long-overdue industry transformation and is officially starting a new era for dealmaking.

While high-profile physical film markets such as Cannes or the EFM will remain important meeting points for dealmaking, many sales and distribution executives might cut back on traveling and seek to make better use of their time with digital services allowing for an ongoing marketplace.

“A tool that can maximize sales, while uniting sales agents and buyers throughout the year; a dedicated, streamlined, efficient tool to replicate and digitally enhance the experience of a sales pitch to a buyer. This is what all industry members need right now,” says Carole Baraton, Charades’co-founder.

Frédéric Fiore, the founder of Cascade8, said “this platform is an opportunity for sales agents to build in-depth their digital relationship with the buyers, and thus constitutes a true complementary solution to film festival’s physical markets and their online counterpart. Many high value partnerships can be invented, and we are of course open to discussions.”

Because piracy is a big issue when it comes to putting content in the digital space, Archipel Market is boasting high security standards. As such, screenings are operated through secured protocols and a technology which makes it impossible for viewers to store a film on their device and generates an individual watermark that appears on the user’s screen when watching a screening.

Archipel Market will have a one-week exclusive pre-launch for first partners starting on June 15, before the start of the Marché du Film and the agencies-led initiative. Once the Cannes digital markets wraps, Archipel Market will be available as a tool to continue discussions and deals all year long. The service will be enhanced with new features in time for the fall festivals.