“Rocks” star Bukky Bakray will headline “Self-Charm,” a mental health themed film from writer/director Ella Greenwood.

The film will follow a young teen who is struggling with self-harm and so is recommended multiple alternatives by a therapist but each to no avail. The next suggestion she receives is to care for a plant as if it’s herself.

Greenwood’s Broken Flames Productions will produce the film. The company is building a slate of mental health based projects, including the upcoming “Faulty Roots,” Greenwood’s directorial debut with Melanie Walters (“Gavin & Stacey”) and Kayleigh-Paige Rees (“Sanditon”). Tallulah Films (“Little Miss Sumo”) is co-producing, with Karina Michel Feld as executive producer.

The cast also includes Hazel Young (“Nightmare on 34th Street”) and newcomer Agness Nyama.

Greenwood said: “I wanted to make a film about self-harm, something which is rarely spoken about and yet many people go through. I want to make sure self-harm is not shown explicitly and that ways to get help are suggested.”

Greenwood is an ambassador for teen mental health charity stem4 and is campaigning for better representation of mental health in the media.

Rising star Bakray made an impact in Sarah Gavron’s “Rocks,” which had a theatrical run earlier this year and is now on Netflix. She was recently announced as a 2020 BAFTA Breakthrough Talent.

“I’m so excited that Bukky will be taking on the lead role; she’s an incredible actress and fellow young Londoner, and I’m really looking forward to working with her,” Greenwood said.

Principal photography will commence at London locations in December.

Bakray is represented by Independent Talent and Greenwood by CSP Management.