Katharina Suckale and Arfi Lamba’s Bombay Berlin Film Production has lined up a number of upcoming productions for both the big and small screen as it moves more mainstream with the likes of O’Neil Sharma’s comedy road movie “The Big B.”

It’s a change of pace for the company, whose arthouse hits in recent years have included “Loev,” “The Road to Mandalay” and, more recently, “Trijya – Radius,” which premiered last year at the Shanghai Film Festival.

Suckale and Lamba are currently meeting potential co-producers from the U.K. for “The Big B” during this week’s Cannes virtual market.

In the vein of “Hangover,” “The Big B” follows three British-Indian lads who travel in a van from London to Berlin and on the way get stuck in Münster, grapple with a clash of cultures, sex, drugs and an unexpected revelation.

Bombay Berlin is also supporting Mumbai-based sales company HD Moviez, which is handling Akshay Indikar’s Marathi-language “Trijya – Radius,” the story of a young poet on a journey of self-discovery. Bombay Berlin and India’s Chitrakathi Nirmiti co-produced the film, which also screened in Tallinn before its planned rollout was cut short due to the COVID-19 lockdown this year.

Suckale, however, says there are plenty of opportunities for the film in “the digital space,” particularly on streaming platforms in India, which face strict government guidelines against content that could be deemed offensive. “‘Trijya – Radius’ is a nice movie because it’s not political,” she points out.

Also in the works is writer-director Seamus McNally’s “Belle of the Bomb,” which follows two New Yorkers at the end of their rope who travel to a Thai jungle retreat only to be swept up in the plight of a stateless people facing genocide.

Bombay Berlin, which has offices in both Berlin and Mumbai, is looking to set the film up as a Thai co-production.

On the TV front, Suckale and Lamba are developing the India-set legal eagle series “Between Our Worlds” for Disney Plus Hotstar.

They are also looking for partners for the French-German series project “Wall of Sound.” Set in 1990s Berlin, the series follows Estelle, a young French girl at the French high school in Berlin, and Mattias, a talented East German DJ, as they find love and adventure while exploring the newly reunified city’s dynamic electronic music scene.