Italian producer Manuel Tedesco of Baires Produzioni has boarded Rispo Films’ “The Night Belongs to the Monsters,” the companies’ second feature from filmmaker Sebastian Perillo, and one of this year’s hottest titles in the Blood Window Works in Progress section at Ventana Sur.

Tedesco joins as a minority co-producer, partnering once again with regular associate and fellow co-producer on the film Javier Krause of Kafilms in Argentina and the newly-formed Kaf Suisse. Tedesco will provide post-production services from Italy, employing Luca Vulterini for Image and light and Pino Curci of Italia Film for sound; Lucas Savioti will handle VFX. His involvement is the final piece of the post-production pie, assuring that the film will be finished in early 2021.

“The Night Belongs to the Monsters” stars exciting newcomer Lu Grasso (“Terror 5” – also produced by Rispo), Argentine Academy Award-winner Esteban Lamothe (“El estudiante”), Jazmín Stuart (“Recreo”) and Gustavo Garzón (“Sueño Florianópolis”). It’s the feature debut of writer Paula Marotta.

In the film, 17-year-old Sol (Grasso) and her mother move into Gonzalo’s, the mother’s current boyfriend’s home. In a new town with no friends, Sol encounters only hostility and bullying from her new classmates, as well as harassment from Gonzalo at home.

To escape her dire situation, Sol takes to the streets where she crosses paths with a mystical female dog and the two quickly establish a symbiotic relationship. From then on, any time Sol finds herself in danger, the dog appears, violently and seemingly out of nowhere, to protect the teenage girl.

Since 2003, Perillo has been a prolific producer of feature films, largely fiction, with 22 films to his credit. In 2016 he produced, wrote and directed “Amateur,” which competed in several festivals around the world and won best fiction film, director and actress at the 24th Lleida Latin-American Film Festival. “The Night Belongs to the Monsters” is his second solo feature as director.

Participating at Ventana Sur’s Blood Window is a boon for any genre film, and while there the production team hopes to kickstart the film’s festival lifecycle and potentially secure an international sales agent. They will also be courting potential post-production partners.

Founded by Sebastián Perillo and Rosana Ojeda, Rispo Films’s genre catalog boasts several award-winning titles including Perillo’s aforementioned “Amateur”; “Terror 5,” Grasso’s acting debut; and “La Araña Vampiro,” an official selection title at Sitges 2012. Krause’s relationship with the company goes back to his time in as a sales agent in Argentina, and he has represented several of the company’s films.