Barcelona-based Rodar y Rodar, producer of Spanish horror titles such as J.A. Bayona’s “The Orphanage” and Oriol Paulo’s “The Body, has thrown its weight behind David Casademunt’s “The Beast,” boarding it as its main producer.

“The Beast,” which participated in Filmarket Hub’s 2017 Sitges Pitchbox event as well as Ventana Sur’s 2017 Blood Window, it was then was selected from 216 projects by first or second-time Spanish directors to be put through the 2018 ECAM Madrid Film School Incubator development program, before scoring a place at the Toronto Festival’s Filmmakers Lab. Casademunt had already turned heads with his Austin Fantastic Fest Grand Jury and Special Jury Award winning short, “Sleeping Death.”

Written with his regular co-writers Fran Menchón and Martí Lucas, “The Beast” is in a shack in the middle of nowhere, where a kid and his crazed mother glimpse a chilling presence watching them from the horizon as it edges a little closer every day.

“The Beast” is “a film about the demons we have inside, how these demons transform us into defective adults,” Casademunt told Variety.

“We believe in the great talent of David Casademunt as a director, who’s  a new promise of the Spanish cinema, as well as the talent of the screenwriters and the film’s potent story,” said Rodar y Rodar producer Marina Padró.