Banijay has unveiled its rebranded identity following the completion of its takeover of Endemol Shine Group last week. The combined group, which is headed by Marco Bassetti, CEO, will be entitled Banijay. The Endemol Shine brand is effectively being retired from the new brand.

Banijay’s $2.2 billion deal for Endemol Shine was cleared by the European Commission’s antitrust body last week. Days later, on July 3, the company announced Sophie Turner Laing, CEO of Endemol Shine Group, would be stepping down from her role on July 10.

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Banijay’s new logo

Boasting 200 entities across 22 countries and a library of 88,000 hours, the French-headquartered group will be the largest non-U.S. content producer and distributor. The group’s well-established banners include Kudos, Filmlance (“Caliphate,” pictured), Rubicon (“Beforeigners”) and Diagonal (“Cathedral of the Sea”) on the Endemol Shine side. Flagship Banijay titles include “Versailles,” “The Inbetweeners” and “Survivor,” while Endemol Shine has “Big Brother,” “MasterChef,” “Black Mirror” and “Peaky Blinders.”

“The acquisition of Endemol Shine Group marks a major gear shift for our business and that had to be represented in our branding. We now have unrivalled global reach, an abundance of high-quality, multi-genre titles, and some of the best creative entrepreneurs in the world,” said Bassetti.

“Celebrating our values, the significant breadth of our new offering and our continued investment in innovative IP, the simple, yet effective branding, provides standout alongside versatility, and we hope in years to come, our B will act as a beacon for ground-breaking storymaking and a stamp of excellence,” added Bassetti.

The combined group will be held by LDH (67.1%), which comprises Financière LOV, De Agostini and Fimalac, the investment company of Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière, and French media giant Vivendi (32.9%).

Post-takeover, the majority of the combined group’s production labels will retain their original identities with a nod to the B, including those carrying Endemol Shine in their name, which will now have a ‘B’ beside their names in their logos.

Banijay Rights continues to lead distribution activities, while all territory-level holding companies will switch to Banijay.

Banijay’s re-brand was imagined and executed by Moving Brands, with website design and build handled by Alchemy Digital.