Peliculas Nobles, a filmmaker-led VOD platform for Argentine films, is launching Nov. 16. Argentina’s Gema Juarez Allen of Gema Films and Diego Dubcovsky of BD Cine and Varsovia Cine have kicked off the new initiative in response to the dearth of platforms for homegrown titles.

The idea first arose from observing that a great number of Argentine catalog films couldn’t find spaces or platforms, said Juarez Allen. Classics like the 2003 gem by Albertina Carri, “Los Rubios,” were left in limbo.

“Many filmmakers whose films are not programmed or acquired by platforms — or whose contracts were discontinued — were forced to hire Vimeo on Demand individually or just open their links for free,” she explained.

“We decided to start organizing this platform and offer a very generous deal that would allow them to receive the same amount per transaction as if they, for instance, hired Vimeo on Demand themselves,” she said.

Given the scarcity of platforms for even more recent Argentine titles, Peliculas Nobles will eventually serve as a launchpad for them. With independent cinemas shuttering, some permanently, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and no government bailout in sight, the need for Peliculas Nobles has become even more acute, observed Juarez Allen.

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Diego Dubcovsky and Gema Juarez Allen Courtesy of Peliculas Nobles

Peliculas Nobles’ main mission is to centralize the search for both classic and recent Argentine films, not unlike its counterpart in Colombia, mowies.com, that boasts the largest collection of Colombian films, but has expanded its service across the region and plans to set up operations in Europe.

Peliculas Nobles will launch with some 70 features and shorts and from thereon, three or four titles will be added each month. These will include co-productions with Argentina, Juarez Allen pointed out.

Among the works will be titles by renowned Argentinean filmmakers such as Daniel Burman, Anahí Berneri, Rodrigo Moreno, Andrés Di Tella, Albertina Carri and upcoming stars such as Melisa Liebenthal, Nele Wohlatz, Mateo Bendesky and Lola Arias, among others, said Juarez Allen.