GÖTEBORG, Sweden — Scandi sales shingle The Yellow Affair has added to its Göteborg lineup the Swedish series “The Chosen Ones” (“Det Utvalda”), currently playing on Swedish pubcaster SVT’s streaming service SVT Play.

The short form sci-fi thriller stars a strong Swedish female cast of model-turned actress Frida Gustavsson (“Swoon”), singer/actress Amy Deasismont (“Gösta”, “My Skinny Sister”), Felice Jankell (“Young Sophie Bell”), Tind Soneby (“Modus”), Segal Mohamed, Isabella Touma Pettersson and Astrid Morberg.

Liza Morberg, Christian Hallman and Stina Hammar direct, from a screenplay by Leif Alexis and Henrik Lilliér. Erik Magnusson produces for top Swedish indie Anagram.

The show kicks off with 12 girls who wake up in a secluded mansion, without knowing how or why they got there. As they realize they are locked in, the situation in the house threatens to escalate. But the mansion also harbors a dark secret. The girls are part of a medical experiment. If they don’t manage to escape they will die, one by one.

“The Chosen Ones” is a great new series blending sci-fi and thriller for a teen female audience. It’s fast, frantic and we look forward to discussing this exciting new series with buyers in Göteborg,” said Steven Bestwick, The Yellow Affair’s head of sales and development.

Next up on the Scandi outfit’s slate is the Norwegian/Danish TV show “Between Us” (“Mellom Oss”), selected for the Berlinale Series Market.

The eight-part series, co-created by “Maniac” writer Ole Marius Araldsen and “Beforeigners” thesp Nicolai Cleve Broch, is a relationship dramedy about two couples (one Norwegian, one Danish), their trust and lack of trust in each other, seen from the four characters’ viewpoints. Starring with Cleve Broch are Agnes Kittelsen(“Kon Tiki”, “Happy, Happy”), Lærke Winther (“Those Who Kill), and Johannes Nymark (Moonfire). Bestwick says the show’s market premiere at last October’s Mipcom trade fair was positive “not least with reference to the creative team behind it but also the content and production value.” The show premiered on TV2 Norway and TV2 Denmark last fall.
The Yellow Affair’s third Anagram TV show is the pre-school animated kids “Snip Snap Snut & The Squares,” due to air on SVT later this year.

On the feature film front, Finnish festival hit “Dogs Don’t Wear Pants,” acquired by Shudder for the U.S., will play in the Göteborg Film Festival ‘s Nordic Light section, and U.K. doc “Romantic Comedy” (slated for a North American release via 1091 Media) as part of the festival’s Classics: Premiere showcase.