Pablo Guisa, founder-CEO of the Morbido Group, Latin America’s largest horror conglomerate, based out of Mexico City, and Gabriela Sandoval, founder-director of Sanfic Industria, the Santiago Intl. Film Festival sidebar for projects and works in progress, met in Berlin to finalize details for the inaugural Factoría Mórbido-Sanfic, a joint initiative intended to strengthen the genre film industry in Chile and across Latin America.

Mórbido already has collaborations with Cinepolis and Incaa – through Ventana Sur’s Blood Window sidebar.

As part of the agreement, Morbido representatives will attend Sanfic’s industry section each year to aid in the promotion of horror projects and advise participating projects on their pitch processes, production design and budgets. Each year, up to six projects in advanced stages of development from across Latin America will be invited to attend.

Chile’s promising yet still maturing horror industry will certainly benefit from the insights provided by Morbido founder and CEO Pablo Guisa, one of the hardest working of men in horror who manages to juggle running a festival, a TV network, a production company, an acting career as well as membership of the Federation of European Fantastic Film Festivals.

As announced at last year’s Sanfic, Morbido’s representatives will also choose a non-specific number of participating projects and back them for up to 30% of the film’s proposed final budget. The sponsorship also assures the project a commercial release in Mexico, representation for international sales and programming on pay TV across Latin America through the Morbido TV network.

In a kind of dry run, Guisa attended Sanfic for the first time last August, and brought a new prize to the Sanfic Industria project pitching sessions. The inaugural Morbido Fest prize was granted to Pilar Díaz, producer of Florencia Dupont’s “Aracne,” a noirish thriller set in Santiago.


“Factoría Morbido-Sanfic will complement the efforts we started a few years ago with BloodWindow at Ventana Sur, and we’ll continue working with them. But now our focus is to bring to the table all major players in the region to produce and co-produce these films hand in hand with Morbido and local directors and producers,” Guisa told Variety from Berlin.

Sandoval added: “The Factoría will provide a focus on genre cinema from the Southern Cone of South America and supplement the work already in progress at Blood Window. With involvement from international partners, we can provide a space to help further enhance Latin American genre cinema. As the director of Sanfic, I couldn’t think of a better partner than Mórbido.”

Pictured, Top: Gabriela Sandoval and Pablo Guisa; Below:”Aracne”