Stun Creative Founders Pick Favorite Spots From Company’s First 20 Years

Larry David Brad Roth Mark Feldstein
Courtesy of Stun

As the company celebrates a major milestone, Variety asked Brad Roth and Mark Feldstein to pick their favorite campaigns or projects since the launch of Stun Creative 20 years ago.

“One of our career highlights was working with Larry David for a campaign around ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’,” Roth says. “We had come up with an idea that Larry loved where an interview junket with him would go off the rails. Larry at the start of the interview felt the clapboard came precariously close to his nose and he wouldn’t answer any of the interviewer’s questions. The spot was intended to blur the line between real Larry and ‘Curb’ Larry. Larry loved it so much, he asked us to take a picture with him.”

“Getting to shoot with Larry David and then spend the next day in the edit room together eating corned beef sandwiches, check that off the bucket list,” Feldstein adds.

Another career highlight, Feldstein says, was when Universal Music Group chairman Lucian Grainge was being honored with the Icon Award at the Clive Davis pre-Grammy party.

“We got connected with Lucian, who personally gave us the mandate to create a comedy video for him that would be talked about — not just another typical resume reel of career highlights,” Feldstein says. “So we asked Lucian if he could get the UMG artists to participate in the video, to which he emphatically told us, ‘Of course I can, I’m the chairman.’”

“So that was the catalyst for the idea of the video — Lucian reaching out to all of the UMG artists, from Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and U2 to Jon Bon Jovi, Elton John, the Weeknd, and so on, asking for their participation, and they all reject Lucian’s request, each with a more over-the-top excuse than the next,”Roth adds. “Rod Stewart, for example, refused because he was blow-drying his hair! We shot all the top UMG artists, and they had a blast making the video. Even Ari Emanuel and George Lucas made cameos.”