The Quirino Awards, a prize ceremony and industry forum for animation titles from Latin America, Spain and Portugal, will hold its third edition online with the support of Retina Latina and Filmin platforms. Event runs May 25 through June 27, when the awards ceremony takes place.

Unspooling during its first two editions on Tenerife, a Canary Island and building animation hub, the Awards were scheduled to take place on site over April 16-18 and but postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Works accessible online will include nominees for best student short film and film school winners from the previous editions, “one of the categories that best represents the future of Ibero-American animation,” said Quirino Awards promoter José Luis Farias.

“Ibero-American animation is right now at a kind of hatching stage. It’s a privilege to know that the Quirino Awards are an active part of that ecosystem,” he added. “The animation industry has proved its multiple strengths facing this crisis by being one of the few audiovisual sectors that have managed to keep production going.”

Free of charge, Retina Latina was launched in 2016 with the aim to boost the circulation of Latino cinema production in the region. It is backed by national film authorities from Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, Uruguay and Colombia. Founded in 20o8 by Jaume Ripoll, José Antonio de Luna and Juan Carlos Tous, Filmin is a successful independent Spanish VOD platform with offices in Spain, Portugal and Mexico. The platform channeled recently showcased on its service titles from Barcelona arthouse D’A Film Festival, earning  215,000 views, multiplying by 10 the average on site attendance of previous fest editions.

Features competing at this year’s Quirino Awards include Oscar-nominated “Klaus” and Víctor Monigote and Eduardo Gondell’s “Turu, the Wacky Hen.” Nominated series take in Mélia Gilson and Camille Authouart’s “Cubs – Crocodiles” and André Forni’s “Tainá and the Amazon’s Guardians.”

Backed by the Tenerife Film Commission, the Quirino Awards are also supported by Spanish Film Institute (ICAA), Spain’s Institute for Foreign Commerce (ICEX) and the Animation from Spain umbrella brand.

The Quirinos’ 3rd Co-Production and Business Forum will run May 26-June 26 backed by ICEX, Animation from Spain and Proexca, a Canary Islands public-sector agency aimed at attracting strategic inward investment and growing the international business of islands’ companies.

Confirmed attendees include Adult Swim, Discovery Kids, Cartoon Network, Disney TV Animation, Pakapaka, RTVE, Playkids, Sesame Workshop, PGS, Zodiak Kids, Toonz Media, and Dandeloo. Other companies, among 90 from 19 countries, which have signed up for the Forum take in GFM Films, Monster Entertainment, Planeta Junior, Kreiworks, Indie Sales, Autour de Minuit, Alterego, Xilam Animation, Metrovision, Spirit Animation, Red Animation, Human Ark, Ikki Films, Ánima, Momakin and Barley.

La Liga, an alliance of the Quirino Awards, Argentina’s Animation! and Mexico’s Pixelatl Festival to promote Ibero-American sector, will hold a round table on May 28. Other online activities wcomprise a panel on women in Ibero-American animation (June 2) and another on new technological advamces in animation production (June 10).



“Turu, the Wacky Hen,” (Víctor Monigote, Eduardo Gondell, Spain, Argentina)

“Klaus,” (Sergio Pablos, Spain)

“The Longleg,”  (Mercedes Moreira, Argentina)

“Reconciliation stories,” (Carlos Santa, Rubén Monroy, Colombia)


“Cubs – Crocodiles,” (Mélia Gilson, Camille Authouart, Portugal, France)

“Momonsters,” (Javier Martínez, Alberto Martínez, Spain)

“Space Chickens in Space,” (Tommy Vad Flaaten, Markus Vad Flaaten, Mexico, U.K., Ireland, Australia)

“Tainá and the Amazon’s Guardians,” (André Forni, Brazil)


“The Cubicbird,” (Jorge Alberto Vega, Colombia)

“Purpleboy,” (Alexandre Siqueira, Portugal, Belgium, France)

“Uncle Thomas Accounting for the Days,” (Regina Pessoa, Portugal, Canada, France)


“Gravedad,” (Matisse Gonzalez, Bolivia, Germany)

“Nestor,” (João Gonzalez, Portugal, U.K.)

“I Guess It Went Something Like That,” (Giovanna Muzel Da Paixao, Brazil)


“In Your Hands,” (Ralph Karam, Argentina)

“Mate?,” (Dalmiro Buigues, Martin Dasnoy, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay)

“We Have a Voice,” (Juan Manuel Costa, Argentina)


“Gris,” (Spain)

“Shadow Brawlers,” (Argentina)

“Very Little Nightmares,” (Spain)


“Nestor,”  Royal College of Art (Portugal, U.K.)

“The Peculiar Crime of Mr Jay,” (Portugal, France)

“Uncle Thomas Accounting for the Days,”  (Portugal, Canada, France)


“Klaus,”  (Spain)

“Nestor,” (Portugal, UK.)

“Uncle Thomas Accounting for the Days,” (Portugal, Canada, France)


“Drawing Life,”  (Brazil)

“Klaus,” (Spain)

“Nestor,” (Portugal, U.K.)