The fourth edition of the Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFest) is set to take place as a real-world event at the end of 2020. But organizers will suspend two award events due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Festival organizers said that two competition events, the MIFFest Short Film Competition and the Malaysia Golden Global Awards (MGGA), will be put on hold this year, while the festival runs from Dec. 5- 10. The event was delayed from its original slot in July.

“These events will involve large-scale gatherings, as well as huge invitations and travel of international filmmakers, guests, and crews,” organizers said in a statement. “The decision is made to adapt to COVID-19 pandemic safety and recovery measures.”

The six-day festival-run will screen 20 films from around the world under the theme of humanity. Films are grouped under three categories: world cinema masterpieces, highlights of Asian cinema, and spotlight on Malaysian filmmakers.

The full line-up is expected to be announced two months before the new festival dates. The list of filmmakers attending will also be announced later.

As of June 28, the coronavirus has infected 8,634 people in Malaysia and killed 121. Cinemas are taking precautions such as pre-registration and temperature checks. Audiences are required to wear masks inside the cinema, and they must keep an empty seat between them in an auditorium. Those aged 12 or under or 60 or above are not allowed to enter the cinema.