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If someone were to ask the average layperson to name a famous American architect, chances are Frank Lloyd Wright is the first name that comes to mind. Born in 1867, he had established himself as a pioneering architect by the turn of the twentieth century as he shifted away from the Classical designs and ornamentation of the Beaux Arts and moved towards a more organic, humanistic sensibility that incorporated geometric shapes with natural materials. Today, his fame star shines brighter than ever, and his homes remain highly coveted works of art.

As a key contributor to the Prairie School, he designed buildings that emphasized horizontal forms that mimicked the long, flat landscape of the prairie, and developed a utopian concept for American living in the 1930s. Wright was not only a major thinker, but also a prolific architect: he designed over 1,000 buildings that ranged from churches and museums to office buildings and hundreds of residences — including several that are currently on the market and looking for a buyer.

The real beauty of Frank Lloyd Wright’s work is that it was for everyone and anyone — not every house is a $18 million Los Angeles mansion. Whether you’re in search of a humble home for a small family, or you’re a black card-carrying mogul in search of an awe-inspiring abode clad in stone, there’s something out there for you!

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