Just the idea of a “celebrity home” conjures up images of lavish Mediterranean-style mega mansions located in gated, palm-tree lined enclaves somewhere in Beverly Hills or Hollywood. While most people in the entertainment industry do live in Los Angeles, there are a few entertainers who have had enough of the big city, packed up their designer clothing and traded the twinkling lights of Tinseltown for the sparkling stars of the Milky Way. Or, maybe, have at least decided to get a ranch as a second home when they want to get a break from all of the chaotic hubbub of showbiz. From actors to drag queens, nabbing an idyllic parcel of land to call home sweet home is fast becoming a fashionable trend in Hollywood.

Some celebrities have chosen put down stakes close to their primary residence and have opted for a Californian ranch not too, too far from their home bases in L.A. Other A-listers, however, have gone all in on their rural dreams and purchased lavish (and large) spreads way off in states known for their rugged, natural beauty — Wyoming being an especially popular options for celebs with the gumption and the means to afford those quickly rising real estate prices. And for the intrepid reader with well-lined pockets, some of these celebrities have tired of their luxurious second homes and have put them on the market at, admittedly, eye-watering prices.

Check out the gallery to see the ranch homes of six celebs who got bit by the country bug.