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Ah, yes … the ever-chic midcentury modern. It’s a type of home that has just the right atmosphere of stylishness and civility to where it wouldn’t seem out place in the glamorous world of “Mad Men.” Midcentury moderns are hot in the design world and have been ever since their inception. They somehow seem to simultaneously represent the best of the past and future of design — in essence, they’re classics.

Dating back to the World War II era, the midcentury modern movement was the American answer to Europe’s Bauhaus and International design revolutions and lasted roughly from 1930 to 1960. During this time period, America experienced a major cultural shift. More and more people began moving to the suburbs and with the high demand for housing, builders couldn’t execute the ornate, architecturally intricate and forbiddingly time-consuming home designs of yesteryear. With its philosophy to marry form and function, the midcentury modern became standard housing fare in the post-World War II era.

But midcentury moderns haven’t faded into the background noise of design history — they’re still as in-demand as ever. Plus, on the West Coast, midcentury design has been inextricably linked with the definition of California cool thanks to their ability to accommodate indoor/outdoor living. Hallmarks of the midcentury modern include huge floor to ceiling windows or glass sliders, a minimalist/industrial aesthetic, split-level spaces, terrazzo floors, exposed beams and an unmistakably sleek look.

Los Angeles is the veritable mecca of midcentury moderns — the city is packed full of them. Despite the fact that most midcentury homes were built in haste to accommodate the housing boom and blossoming American families, they were built well and sturdily, so many of them are still in great condition throughout the country. They’re often bought by celebs with deep pockets or wealthy business people looking for a fashionable place to rest their weary head. Midcentury moderns also make a great real estate investment considering that they will almost assuredly sell for a profit.

Check out the gallery to see the midcentury homes of seven celebrities.