10 Amazing Screening Rooms Owned by Celebrities and Tycoons

Home Theaters

A long, long time ago, developers took the idea of building residential movie theaters literally, replicating multi-tiered seating, concession stands, popcorn machines and vintage Hollywood posters to give the über rich of the ‘80s and ‘90s the feeling they were actually venturing out of their compound to a real theater, albeit a scaled-down version. And, coincidentally, a theater where they happened to know all the other people there. “Hi mom, fancy meeting you here!”

For the well-to-do, coronavirus-era fears have only increased the importance of a realistic home movie watching experience. And, indeed, celebrities and moguls alike have long since integrated home theaters into their residence’s decorative aesthetic, converting basements or secluded ground-floor rooms into darkened caverns with plush seating.

What’s the difference between a room with a few comfy chairs and a large flat screen or projector, and a proper home theater? Judging from the screening rooms of celebs, it appears the following are a few of the many features needed to be classed as a pukka (the real deal in Guy Ritchie Brit slang) cinematic experience:

  • Tiered seating arranged in a manner that allows one to turn around and easily shush the people behind.
  • A screen large enough to be seen from space. (Well, okay, from the back of the theater.)
  • A sound system that could be shipped at a moment’s notice and put to use at an arena’s sold-out EDM festival.
  • Soundproofing and battened walls to stop on-screen explosions bouncing around throughout the rest of the house like a satellite out of orbit.
  • Dimmer-equipped spotlights to give a sense of intimacy, in case you and your loved one feel like cozying up during the viewing of a sappy rom-com.
  • Floor lights in case you have trouble finding your way to the candy counter (or bathroom) in the darkened space.

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