There’s something about the words “celebrity” and “penthouse” that just seem to go together. It conjures a rarefied world of high-end luxury, private elevators, lavish furnishings and breathtaking views. Like a stately townhouse, a penthouse is an unassailable status symbol among the financially elite. Sort of like how cream unfailingly rises to the top, a penthouse sits privately above the building’s other apartments and, as such, typically carries an exorbitant pricetag that’s often far more than a lower-floor apartment of the same size would command.

Penthouse buyers can expect a smorgasbord of on-trend design and lavish amenities that include landscaped balconies and terraces, glassy walls, vaulted ceilings and, sometimes, even rooftop swimming pools.

Given all the extra added luxuries, it’s not hard to see why high-net worth individuals and celebrities flock to penthouses like bees to pollen. It’s the ultimate status symbol and melding of egos, a sky-high palace intended for and attainable by only a certain few who have achieved dizzying success. For celebs seeking a bit of privacy, there’s also the practicality of a penthouse: with exclusive access and, often, no shared walls with other units, they serve as an bonafide escape from camera lenses and prying neighbors.

Check out the gallery for a peep at five unique penthouses with Tinseltown pedigrees.

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