There was a time when news anchors simply reported on the news. These days they are the news. With cable TV enjoying a voracious viewership, especially around the election, increasingly hip hosts have seen their salaries ascend skywards with additional revenue avalanching in from book deals, speaking engagements and more. Nowadays, it’s not unusual to see cable hosts making more money than movie stars and music cynosures. And, just like their big screen counterparts, nothing is off the table in the media — their dating life, fashion style and yes, their real estate choices. While some anchors keep things low key with a home either in Manhattan or Washington D.C., others have gone for the full court property press with palatial suburban spreads, South Florida getaways and, sometimes, exotic hideaways in flung corners of the world.

Seeing where someone lives gives us a window to their personalities, and the coronavirus pandemic has conveniently given viewers front row seats inside the homes of these much-respected and often adored journalists. What’s on their bookshelves? Are those stainless-steel counter-tops in the kitchen? A Jimi Hendrix poster? Usually these sneak peaks inside a host’s home consists of one very well staged room that nowadays doubles up as a makeshift TV studio. But, what about the rest of the house or the rest of their houses? Is there a shimmering pool in some other background and an ocean view in another? Do they really live like globe-trotting rock stars and world-famous actors? Dirt takes a look at the property portfolios of some of the best-known cable news TV hosts and lets you be the judge.