With ever-rising rent prices and California’s cost of living increasing on the daily, some folks have forged an exodus from the Golden State to find greener, and cheaper, pastures elsewhere in the country. According to historical data, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon are some popular places for transplants to move. However, the favorite choice for many Californians is its political (and meteorological) polar opposite: Austin, the capital city of Texas. But it isn’t just common folk who are making the move. Many celebrities are seeing the appeal of the hipster haven — the self-proclaimed live music capital of the world — and are packing up their Rimowa suitcases, yee-hawing their way out to the Lone Star State.

For some showbiz folks, there’s no place to live but Los Angeles. It’s a bustling, coastal metropolitan city full of upscale gastronomic fare, unbelievable sunsets and rich culture. And there’s Hollywood and the convenient movie studios, of course.

But for many celebs, living the high life in L.A. comes with a few drawbacks. For big-wattage names, stepping out in L.A. often brings the unwelcome attention of paps or throngs of fanatic fans. So many A-listers have elected to find a primary or second home in a place that’s a wee bit more laidback, where they can kick up their cowboy boots without fear of becoming headline fodder for TMZ. That place, for an increasing number of celebs, is Austin.

Despite what some Angelenos might think, there are many things to love about Austin — provided one can look past its hellishly hot and humid summers, of course. First of all, housing costs are still relatively cheap, so buyers can get more bang for their buck.

Plus, Austin isn’t short of fun things to do. The city supports its healthy music scene with plenty of impressive local acts, and national talent often makes it a point to add ATX to their touring schedules. Plus, there are big music festivals that happen most every year — coronavirus willing — like SXSW and Austin City Limits. Austin is also a college town thanks to its University of Texas and St. Edwards campuses, so local politics tends to lean towards the left, in line with the L.A. crowd. And there’s also a bustling nightlife scene, if one is so inclined. Plus, with Lady Bird Lake, Lake Travis and the Colorado river running through the city as well as its extensive greenbelts, there’s plenty of things to do outdoors, and innumerable ways to stay fit.

From a purely practical and economic standpoint, there are also perks that come with living in Texas. If one is looking to start a side hustle like a restaurant, Texas is the place to do it — state income tax is explicitly outlawed in its constitution. It’s a great place for deep-pocketed folks to dabble in opening a small business.

Grab your cowboy hats and get ready to say howdy to 10 celebrities who call the Violet Crown City home.