Netflix, in its latest effort to convince people to keep paying for the service every month, is letting users know what titles will be coming its lineup up to a year in advance.

The company on Monday launched the “New & Popular” tab on TV devices globally, after it had been testing out the feature since this past April. The tab brings together rows customers have long used to find content to watch, now in one place.

The tab includes New on Netflix, Coming Soon, the Top 10 titles (ranked daily per country) — and a new row called “Worth the Wait.”

Worth the Wait will give members a first look at titles coming to Netflix in the next 15 to 365 days. The feature also will let customers set a reminder for shows and films that interest them ahead of time. For now, the Worth the Wait row will be available only on connected-TV devices. Netflix plans to test it out on the web later this year.

It’s clearly designed to keep Netflix customers eagerly anticipating what’s coming up, even months in advance, in the hopes of giving them additional incentives to not cancel their accounts.

Netflix last raised prices starting in the first quarter of 2019, when its most popular plan — the Standard tier, with two HD streams — increased in the U.S. from $10.99 to $12.99 per month. Several analysts have suggested Netflix has the pricing power to increase rates again in the near future. In that context, the “Worth the Wait” feature may be intended in part to discourage users from reflexively dropping their service, if and when Netflix hikes rates again.

As of the end of June 2020, Netflix reported 193 million paid members worldwide, after adding a net 26 million in the first half of the year — a better-than-expected gain driven by the COVID-19 pandemic. Netflix is scheduled to report Q3 results on Oct. 20 after the market closes.