Mark-Paul Gosselaar Will Break Down Every ‘Saved by the Bell’ Season 1 Episode in a New Podcast

Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP

Mark-Paul Gosselaar is dipping into the nostalgia well with a new “Saved by the Bell” retrospective podcast.

Gosselaar claims he hasn’t watched a single episode of “Saved by the Bell,” the cult-favorite teen sitcom on which he played Zack Morris, since he finished shooting his final scene for the NBC show more than two decades ago.

Now he’s going to watch all 16 episodes of Season 1 for podcast series “Zack to the Future,” on which he’ll be joined by Dashiell Driscoll, creator and narrator of Funny Or Die’s “Zack Morris Is Trash.” The duo will dissect each episode from the TV show’s inaugural 1989 run in the weekly podcast, analyzing iconic show moments and discussing “never-before-heard stories” from the set with featured guests. (The idea is that future seasons of “Zack to the Future” would cover seasons 2-4 of the original “SBTB.”)

“For years I have been asked by the dedicated fans of ‘Saved by the Bell’ to revisit the show,” Gosselaar said in a statement. “I couldn’t wrap my head around an idea that would keep the audience entertained and celebrate the beloved series we created over 30 years ago, mostly because I can’t remember a thing about making it, and I am thrilled to say I have found the answer.”

Dashiell, a self-described “SBTB” superfan, is currently writing for the show’s revival, set to debut on NBCUniversal’s Peacock later this year. Gosselaar told Variety last year that he originally wasn’t approached about the “Save by the Bell” reboot, but since then he landed a deal to reprise the role of Zack alongside Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley in the cast.

“Zack to the Future” is produced by Cadence13, a premium podcast company that’s part of Entercom’s podcast network. Season 1 of the podcast will launch on July 29, 2020, on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Entercom’s Radio.com and other platforms.

“I’ve been told there are other TV shows besides ‘Saved by the Bell,’ and someday I hope to watch one of them — they sound fantastic,” Driscoll commented. “But until then, I’m so excited to return to Bayside and introduce Mark-Paul Gosselaar to Zack Morris, and to do so with Cadence13.”

Gosselaar currently stars in ABC sitcom “Mixed-ish,” which will return for Season 2 this fall. Past credits have included “NYPD Blue” on ABC, “Franklin & Bash” on TNT, and Fox’s “Pitch” and “The Passage.”

“Saved by the Bell” aired on NBC from 1989-1993. The show spawned two spin-off series, “Saved by the Bell: The College Years” and “Saved by the Bell: The New Class.”

Listen to the trailer for “Zack to the Future”: