Having trouble falling asleep during these distressing times? Laura Dern is lending her voice to the cause, teaming with mindfulness app Calm to narrate a “sleep story.”

“The Ocean Moon,” the story read by Dern, was written by Chris Advansun and takes listeners to the countryside with soothing sounds like cresting waves and campfires.

“Quality sleep is so important to overall health and wellness, and during this stressful time, there are so many options to help people de-stress — from supplements, to meditation, to listening to a calming bedtime story,” Dern said in a statement.

Dern is the latest star, joining talent like Matthew McConaughey and Leona Lewis, to contribute to Calm, which promotes meditation and restful sleep. The app offers around 120 bedtime stories, including classic fairy tales and recordings of the late TV personality Bob Ross, to assist audiences in catching some Z’s.