The Recount and iHeartMedia are loading up on political podcasts in advance of the presidential election.

Recount and the radio giant have teamed to co-produce a series of weekly podcasts leading up to Election Day on Nov. 3.

Hell and High Water with John Heilemann,” “Battleground with David Plouffe and Steve Schmidt” and “Just Something About Her with Jennifer Palmieri” are the first three podcasts to come from the partnership.

“Getting smart on politics is no longer optional,” said Nomi Ernst Leidner, executive VP of programming and development for Recount. “Partnering with iHeartMedia enables us to venture into podcasts and continue producing high quality content that educates people on politics in a digestible and engaging way.”

The first title scheduled for release is “Hell and High Water,” which will bow Sept. 8. Heilemann is co-founder and executive editor of Recount. Heilemann will converse with influential figures in politics, entertainment, technology and business to explore how the country is moving forward through the current turbulence.

“The 2020 election is, without question, the most important election of our lifetime, and this exciting trio of podcasts from hosts who’ve operated at the highest level of politics will help listeners cut through the bull—- and understand the big picture of what’s happening ahead of Election Day and beyond,” Heilemann said.

David Plouffe, President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign manager, and Steve Schmidt, chief strategist for the late Sen. John McCain, who was Obama’s Republican opponent in 2008, will host “Battleground.” That  podcast is set to debut Sept. 14 and will cover current political battles as well as various difficulties and key issues the next administration will have to address.

Just Something About Her” features Palmieri, who served as the communications director for the Obama administration. The podcast aims to explore the challenges facing women in business, politics, art and journalism. It’s targeted for a late September premiere.

“The Recount is an expert in understanding how to reach audiences on social media in today’s digital world. People are checking the news more frequently and want access to the easiest format possible,” said iHeartPodcast Network president Conal Byrne. “Pairing our network with the Recount’s focus on accessible content creates a powerhouse slate of political podcasts that will help our listeners better understand politics as we approach the 2020 election.”

All podcasts will be distributed by the iHeartPodcast Network, which features more than 750 original podcasts that generate more than 225 million downloads a month.