The next season of “Escape the Night” — the murder-mystery series hosted by Joey Graceffa — may or may not be happening, after YouTube declined to renew its longest-running original.

But separately Graceffa, a popular YouTube creator, author and influencer, has now officially revealed a new project based on the franchise: “Escape the Night Game,” described as a “cooperative horror board game” for 1-11 players. Fans can pledge a donation on the game’s Kickstarter page, and for a minimum contribution of $40 will be eligible to receive a copy of the game slated to ship before Christmas 2020.

Graceffa is producing the “Escape the Night” board game in collaboration with Studio71, the digital network he signed with last year. He had teased the project in a video two weeks ago, hinting it would be a playable version of the YouTube series.

There will be two different versions of the game: “Escape the Night Game” and “Escape the Night Premiere Edition.” The Premiere Edition includes everything in the baseline game, plus “3D plastic artifacts, a premium hourglass, and an upgraded box” — as well as potentially more extras if the Kickstarter campaign reaches certain milestones.

On Kickstarter, fans must pledge at least $40 to receive a copy of the standard “Escape the Night Game.” Those who donate at the highest-level pledge tier — $750 or more — will receive one copy of the “Escape the Night Premiere Edition” signed by Joey Graceffa, plus access to a livestream with Joey playing the game, a private small group Q&A with him, and a “life-sized artifact.”

“I love the fantasy-horror world of ‘Escape the Night,'” Graceffa says in an email sent to fans Tuesday. “I wanted to create a way for longtime watchers, and those who know nothing about it, to take a piece of it home with them — no better way to do that than with a personal passion of mine, board gaming.”

The “Escape the Night Game” Kickstarter campaign, which is scheduled to last 30 days, has set a $30,000 fundraising goal.

The game is described as “a magically haunting adventure set within a 1920s estate where an Ancient Evil lines the halls.” In “Escape the Night Game,” players will explore the house room by room, locating “the Society Against Evil’s markers, fighting formidable monsters, and deciphering clues in order to collect precious relics.” While players will sometimes work together, they will also vote at the end of each turn “for two players to battle one another in a daunting death challenge.” In the final round, an hourglass will be set for the remaining players to take action as fast as they can in order to collect all the remaining artifacts.