Four-Year-Old Instagram Dance Star Boss Baby Brody and His Mom Sign With WME

Boss Baby Brody, Dani Schaffer
Sarah Tolmey

Boss Baby Brody, a breakout toddler Instagram dance star, has signed with talent agency WME — along with his mom, Dani Schaffer.

Brody (full name: Brody Schaffer), who lives in San Diego with his family, has 270,000 followers for his Instagram account that features dance videos captured by his parents. His dance video to “The Nutcracker” has attracted 7 million views, according to WME.

Last month, Niall Horan (formerly with One Direction) released an alternate music video for his song “No Judgement” featuring Brody, Dani and the Schaffer family.

In the video, the family plays dress-up a their home as Horan sings about being yourself without being ridiculed. Since posting March 16, the Boss Baby Brody “No Judgement” video on YouTube has accumulated more than 985,000 views.

Dani Schaffer, the mother of four kids, has said that when Brody wanted to express himself via dance she did everything she could to encourage his passion. Her hope is to change the conversation around male dancers and modern parenting.

Schaffer says she has received a backlash of negative commentary about Boss Baby Brody. “What I don’t understand is how or why some individuals spend their time criticizing and bullying something so innocent?” she wrote on her blog, City Girl Gone Mom, in January. “Maybe I’m ignorant of the times, but I didn’t realize the real-life humans who hide behind the internet would have such profound feelings about Boss Baby Brody’s princess persona. Or, such negative thoughts about me as his mother.”

In addition to her blog, which attracts over 1 million monthly visitors, Schaffer also hosts a podcast, “The Mom Confidential.” She aims to inspire parents everywhere to let their kids shine, break gender barriers and be whomever they want to be.