Reliving ‘Green Book’ History Through a New Podcast and Apple Maps (Listen)

Driving the Green Book

The legacy of 2019’s Oscar-winning “Green Book” is living on via different media in the most innovative fashion.

Beginning on Sept. 14, a new podcast revisits how African Americans traveled the segregated south during the Jim Crow era. But “Driving the Green Book” is not only a podcast, but an audio guide that will allow listeners in cars to travel the same route thanks to a new integration between Apple Podcasts and Apple Maps that will take effect when the tech giant’s iOS 14 update launches later this year.

“Driving the Green Book” will also come out in book form next year because Macmillan Publishers is publishing both the book and podcast. On the latest episode of the Variety podcast “Strictly Business,” Macmillan’s VP of podcasting, Kathy Doyle, describes how she led the effort to bring the concept to life in a way that couldn’t be siloed to any one media.

Listen to the podcast here:

“Distributors, publishers, we’re all really trying to find what is going to develop an immersive, interesting experience that is going to keep the listeners engaged and really provide in this case an educational opportunity to learn about an under-reported time in our country’s history in unique and creative ways that haven’t been done before,” said Doyle, who, as a veteran of the industry, shares her perspective on the broader podcast business in this episode of “Strictly Business.”

“Driving the Green Book” features BBC journalist Alvin Hall driving the 2,100-mile route between Detroit and New Orleans, and speaking with activists, politicians and community members who recall the route made famous again by the movie, which won three Oscars in 2019, including best picture.

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